November 26, 2022

With effect from October 1, inbound travellers to South Korea will no longer be required to take an on-arrival PCR test.

Currently, incoming visitors need to perform the PCR test within the first 24 hours of their entry into the country.

Travellers arriving in South Korea from October 1 will no longer need to take a PCR test; Gangwon pictured

This decision by the government was made due to the recent gradual decline in infections.

This follows the removal of the pre-departure testing requirement for travellers bound for South Korea earlier this month.

However, South Korea could reinforce restrictions regarding foreign entrants if it sees the emergence of risky virus variants and the global virus situation changes.

Second vice health minister Lee Ki-il said in a virus response meeting: “We are at the final stage of the Covid-19 pandemic. We expect another wave in winter, but we will finally overcome the virus through thorough preparations.”

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